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ACO Approved Le Village Panoramic Restaurant
This modern, glass fronted, air conditioned hospitality venue is located in the heart of the Le Mans Village. The facility offer two options; part of the restaurant offers an area where you can dine (3 courses + coffee & petit fours) and watch the racing; some of the tables are actually situated adjacent to the large windows overlooking the Le Mans track. Another part of the restaurant provides a simpler dining experience (3 or 2 courses) with much lesser view of the circuit. The prices for lunch or dinner include access to the viewing terrace but do not include any drinks.

The facility also offers a very popular open air terrace where you can view the exit of the pit lane and the cars thundering past below you. There is also a cash bar in this area; champagne, sun and racing create a wonderful mix.

The facilities can be pre-booked from the Wednesday through Sunday for both lunch and dinner. We are also able to pre-book space for larger groups to create formal, corporate entertainment.

3 Course Lunch or Dinner + Coffee & Petit Fours, Circuit View & Access to the Terrace: Price £135 per person

3 Course Lunch or Dinner & Access to the Terrace: Price £85 per person

2 Course Lunch or Dinner & Access to the Terrace: Price £70 per person (starter + main or main + dessert)

Please note that the open air terrace may become unavailable at short notice due to ACO activity. Please also note that for the track view option, not all tables will be adjacent to the windows; some tables may be a row back due to the limited linear length of the restaurant.

Le Mans Hotels - Le Mans Travel

ACO Approved Hospitality at Maison Blanche
This quality facility is superbly appointed and overlooks the Ford Curve at Maison Blanche. The marquee has a full bar area, a lounge area, televised monitors and an outside area with decking, garden furniture and parasols. This ACO approved hospitality facility is adjacent to banking which has steps from the garden area to the top for viewing.

The marquee is decorated with flowers and is equipped with television monitors for full race coverage and also any other sport that might be covered that weekend. The facility will be open from 10:00 on Saturday to 16:00 on Sunday.

The Village de Maison Blanche Weekend Hospitality includes:

Access to the marquee for the weekend
Weekend general entrance ticket
Open bar (champagne, beer, soft drinks & other)
Saturday luncheon with wine
Saturday night dinner with wine
Sunday breakfast
Sunday luncheon with wine
Garden area next to track overlooking the Ford Chicane
Shuttle to Main des Hunaudieres (open bar) Arnage and Indianapolis Corners
Paddock Access
Pit Walk Saturday middayle mans ford chicane
Car parking bleu pass
TV monitors
Private toilets
Weekend guide price, per person: £1,395 per person incl TVA

Weekend guide price, without Pit Walk & Paddock, per person: £1,075 per person incl TVA

Le Mans Hotels - Le Mans Travel

Le Mans Restaurants
Previous guests have recommended the following restaurants in Le Mans.

La Reserve
La Baraque a Boeuf
L'Auberge des 7 plats
Le Grenier a Sel
La Vieille Porte
La Taverne des Arts
Le Beaulieu
Aubege de Bagatelle
The Michelin Guide to restaurants is also considered to be a reliable guide.

Please note not all restaurants will take reservations.